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We couldn't be more confident in endorsing Melanie Waddell for Town Clerk. We have experienced her professionalism, expertise, and calm, efficient service in many different dealings with the Town Clerks office. Everything from dog licensure to elections and campaign questions are handled with an even and capable hand in her role as Assistant Town Clerk. We are impressed by her role in making sure that our elections process during the pandemic was both safe and prioritized access to the ballot for every eligible Rockport voter. She has shown herself to be someone who takes very seriously her role in our elections and as a public records officer and fulfills these roles with the utmost integrity. In the time that we have known Melanie, she has expressed her commitment to municipal service in both word and action. She has pursued higher education related to municipal government and her role at the Town Clerks' office and has been working diligently to obtain her accreditation as a Certified Municipal Clerk, all while providing excellent service to the citizen's of Rockport. As someone who is always positive, energetic and looks for ways to improve the status quo, we look forward to Melanie continuing the increased communication across variety of platforms from the Town Clerk as well as making services as accessible as possible while maintaining the personal and face to face service of a small town municipal office. We know that Melanie will be ready to begin work on day one and we are excited to cast our votes for her on May 10th 2022. — Nicole and Mark Altieri

Melanie will be a fantastic town clerk! We’re lucky to have her. — Denise Donnelly

Melanie Waddell knows the job of Rockport Clerk inside out, also works for the community volunteering in so many thankless essential ways, is ethical and kind—we are fortunate she’s able and willing. I endorse Melanie for Town Clerk Jamy Buchanan Madeja — Jamy Buchanan Madeja

Melanie is a force of nature: upbeat, energetic, optimistic, knowledge and passionate. Her passion isn’t to win an election, it’s to serve in the role of Town Clerk. I’ve seen first-hand how much energy, effort and time she has put into crafting her expertise, increasing her knowledge base and honing her already exemplary skills. Melanie will be able to run the Town Clerk’s Office on day one of her tenure. While appreciating and maintaining the traditional one-on-one service that the Town Clerk’s Office provides, she will also work to bring all the technological and state-of-the art practices to the office. — Laura Stevens

When we first moved to Rockport in 2019, Melanie was one of the first people we’ve met. She was walking her dog, smiled back and introduced herself to us. After a welcoming chat and sharing stories we felt very much welcomed. We are grateful to be a part of this small yet dynamic community and Melanie is someone who can keep its charm flowing. — Lidija Vukovic

I remember meeting Mel as we watched over our sons playing in the beautiful landscape both she and I had grown up in here in Rockport. We connected over our love for this town. I see Melanie as a builder and protector of community, and I was excited when she took on the responsibility to serve as Assistant Town Clerk. Then, as we all came to understand the local meaning of a global pandemic, I saw her work tirelessly to ensure Rockport voters' safety and their access to the ballot box. Melanie was there to help provide ways for us all to adapt when participation in Town Meeting became a wholly different kind of logistical challenge. She is an intelligent, capable and dedicated professional. Melanie also gets my resounding vote of confidence as a loving, hard-working mom whom I respect and admire. I hope to see her win this election for Town Clerk on May 10. — Heidi Goodwin
Educator, Returned Peace Corps Volunteer, Parent

Having been born in Newburyport in 1936 and raised there I had a wonderful opportunity to witness, close up, what an outstanding City or Town Clerk can do for a community, especially when there is great continuity over long periods of time. Everything I know about Melanie assures us that she will follow splendidly in the great tradition of outstanding Town and City Clerks of Massachusetts. Rockport is blessed to have such a fine candidate. Kenneth E. MacWilliams (moving to Rockport from Portland, Maine) — Kenneth E. MacWilliams

Melanie has been so helpful in her role as Assistant Town Clerk. She is the best candidate for Town Clerk. She greets you with a smile and digs in and gets the job done. Please vote for Melanie. — Judith Harris

Melanie is a cheerful soul, and very knowledgeable of both the town, and the inner workings of town hall. She is exactly what we need in the office of Town Clerk. — Charley Seavey

As the retiring Town Clerk from the Town of Rockport, I would like to fully endorse Melanie Waddell for the position of Town Clerk. For the past two years I have carefully trained Melanie in every aspect of the job. More importantly, I have taught her where and how to find answers to the variety of issues that come up on a daily basis in the office. Once elected, Melanie will be able to hit the ground running. She has the ability to keep the office operating smoothly, whether it be certifying Town meetings, running elections, maintaining and preserving historical records or selling dog licenses. She knows what needs to be done. Melanie’s enthusiasm for the job comes through in her service to the public. She consistently responds to the needs of our community and has a genuine desire to help.

I have known Melanie for over 30 years. Since she started working in the Clerk’s Office, I have watched her graduate summa cum laude from Southern New Hampshire University receiving a Bachelor of Arts degree with a concentration in Political Science. Melanie is dedicated to furthering her studies by attending classes at the International Institute of Municipal Clerks (IIMC) and is more than half way toward her goal of becoming a Certified Municipal Clerk (CMC).

Melanie has a forward thinking approach to her work. She is an advocate for the modernization of the office and I am confident that if elected she will guide the Town into the future successfully. She is committed to working as Town Clerk for many years. She plans to stay and raise her family in a Town that she calls her home. Please vote for Melanie on Election Day Tuesday, May 10, 2022.

— Pat Brown

Have been to Town Hall & talked with both Melanie & Pat Brown. We feel Melanie is the absolute best candidate to replace Pat when she retires. Melanie is cheerful, honest, upbeat, knowledgeable, respectful, a "middle of the road" town employee without an agenda, someone who truly cares about both Rockport & the problems we all face. As someone who’s already trained in her profession, she’ll be an asset to both town government & its citizens. — Alan & Susan MacMillan

I will support you 100%. — Kirsten Van der Hart

I am behind you 100% — Pam Amico

With deep roots in this community, a Passion for public service, and someone that is never afraid of hard work, Melanie will be an amazing town clerk! — Heather Herlihy

Good luck Melanie. Fred would be very proud of you! — Sally Frithsen
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Jerry Sharfstein
D Nathaniel Mulcahy
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